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Light into power

Solar Photovoltaics covert UV in daylight into electricity for homes, businesses and farms. So even in northern latitudes like Northern Ireland, we can generate power all year round, as long as there is daylight. The amount generated will fluctuate with UV levels, so for premises where more consistent levels are needed, you'll need a system designed for your specific requirements.

The full solar PV system also includes an inverter that changes the DC voltage generated into an AC current for appliances. You can also get a smart water heater that works alongside your water heating system and battery storage for non-daylight hours. Or add an EV system to go completely green with an electric vehicle. Typically attached to roofs, the developing technology in solar PV panels can also be mounted on walls or on the ground and requires very little maintenance as there are no moving parts.

A typical 4kW system on a domestic property could save up to £800 per year* at today's ever increasing electricity tariffs so these savings will be there for years to come.

*Saving is an approximation, based on a unit price of 25p/kW (100% self consumption), on a 35 degree, south facing roof.

SolarEdge – an excellent solar solution

We work with a number of quality solar product manufacturers and will always fit the very best products for every installation. One of the best is SolarEdge whose unique leading solution is one we recommend to our customers time and time again.

What makes SolarEdge, leading edge?

The SolarEdge system is future-proofed against potential risks that can cause decreased lifetime energy production and maximises the power potential at all times through optimised efficiency. With other systems, weaker modules affect the power generation of stronger ones, impacting on the overall energy generation output of the system. With SolarEdge, the lifetime output of the entire system is greater overall and for a longer period.

Compliant with the most advanced safety standards, SolarEdge’s SafeDC™ feature is designed to de-energize the solar array to a safe voltage whenever the inverter or grid is shutdown, protecting your property as well as installers, electricians, and firefighters. SolarEdge has the edge on safety too.

Watch the video for a full explanation of the difference between a SolarEdge system and traditional installations, to see why we recommend them.

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